Mitavite Storm® Equus

Mitavite Storm® Equus

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For sustained speed and power. Boosts buffering in muscle, aids training and performance

Scientifically proven by equine and human research.  Designed by Nature, Improved by Science


STORM® - The Science of Fatigue

Lactic acid build-up in muscles during any type of fast or strenuous exercise, including jumping, contributes to the build-up of hydrogen irons (H+), which makes muscle more acidic.  Muscle acidosis contributes significantly to muscle fatigue, by interfering with muscle contraction and energy generation in tiring horses.  Tired horses slow down, or can make crucial mistakes during competition.  Muscle carnosine, a dipeptide buffer, offers a major defence against muscle fatigue through better management of muscle acidosis.  Carnosine, which is found naturally in muscle, acts like a biological sponge, complexing with H+ to defend against muscle acidosis and delay fatigue.


STORM® - Unique Formulation

STORM® by Racing Blue provides a unique combination of ingredients including ProCarnosine® to boost muscle carnosine content, aiding training and performance by targeting acidosis, calcium regulation and oxidative stress in muscle during intense exercise.


STORM® - Scientifically Proven

Scientific studies in humans and horses* show that feeding STORM® will boost the level of carnosine in muscle.  This results in a greater capacity to buffer H+ during exercise.


*Dunnett and Harris 1999


Storm®  Equus provides a unique combination of ingredients including ProCarnosine®, to target acidosis, calcium regulation and oxidative stress in muscle.


STORM® - The Benefits

STORM® supports normal muscle function and allows horses to maintain their peak speed and power for longer. STORM® helps deliver effective training and optional performance.  Practically horses should finish their faces more strongly, or in competition they should feel more able to carry out the work being asked for, as well as recovering more quickly.



STORM® has a proven track record in the UK, Middle East and Hong Kong for racing and other performance horses. And is suitable for all performance horses including those involved in racing, eventing, showjumping, endurance, polo and dressage.

STORM® conforms to the rules of racing and to FEI rules and each batch is tested prior to sale for the absence of specified prohibited substances (see website for details).

STORM® Actions
• Unique source of ProCarnosine®
• Boosts muscle Carnosine
• Fights muscle acidosis
• Regulates calcium within muscle cells
• Provides antioxidant support for muscle
• Maintains power output and delays muscle fatigue
• Supports normal muscle function and aids training and performance




Available in 3kg and 12kg