RANVET Electro Electrolyte Paste - 60ML

RANVET Electro Electrolyte Paste - 60ML

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Ranvet Electro Electrolyte Paste

Suitable for: horses requiring a rapid, easily transportable electrolyte supplement

Strenuous exercise, heat and travel can all result in electrolyte depletion and dehydration. Ranvet Electropaste is a convenient, rapidly absorbed, oral paste designed to replace critical electrolytes and replenish energy levels following periods of heavy work, sweating or travel. It stimulates thirst, helping to decrease recovery time and minimise the incidence of dehydration, muscle fatigue and poor performance following strenuous exercise.


  • Oral electrolyte paste with B group vitamins, vitamin E and folic acid
  • Provides a convenient and rapid source of electrolyte replenishment, ideal for travel
  • Stimulates thirst to aid rehydration
  • Source of antioxidants to reduce tissue damage from free radicals
  • Helps to decrease recovery time after strenuous activity or travelling


Directions: For a 500kg horse administer 30 to 60ml orally over the tongue immediately after strenuous exercise or on arrival following long distance transport. Halve dose for ponies weighing 200-300kg. Ensure free access to fresh drinking water after dosing. Recommended for use in conjunction with daily in feed electrolyte supplements.

A world leader in equine nutrition, Ranvet was founded over half a century ago by the late Dr Percy Sykes, AM, MRCVS, MACVSc, a highly respected veterinary surgeon who worked for many years with legendary trainers such as Tommy Smith and Bart Cummings. Ranvet was founded in response to the observations Dr Sykes made about horses being trained in an unnatural environment, fed very high carbohydrate diets and subjected to extended periods of physical and mental stress. Ranvet now produce an extensive range of supplements and medications for horses internationally that are based on continual research and development.