ProPlan Puppy Medium Dog

ProPlan Puppy Medium Dog

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Pro Plan Medium Puppy with Optistart

Pro Plan formulas harness the power of science to provide your puppy with optimal nutrition for a life of health and vitality.

This premium dry puppy food is made from high quality ingredients, including real chicken and contains all the essential nutrition your medium breed puppy needs to grow and develop. It is fortified with colostrum for enhanced immunity and protection from common intestinal upsets, and has crunchy kibble formulated to help support daily dental care.


  • Premium dry puppy food
  • Designed specifically for medium breed puppies
  • Contains colostrum to enhance immune defences and support intestinal health
  • Helps support daily dental care
  • Suitable for puppies with an expected adult weight between 10 and 25kg from weaning until 12 months of age