ProfeLAC GOLD Calf Milk Replacer

ProfeLAC GOLD Calf Milk Replacer

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    ProfeLAC GOLD:

    • Australia’s Most Trusted Calf Milk Replacer
    • Tried, Tested & Proven
    • Unsurpassed Quality, Performance & Support
    • Easy to Mix

    ProfeLAC GOLD Premium Calf Milk Replacer is Australia’s #1 selling calf milk replacer. Formulation based on global calf research, development and innovation. Medicated with Bovatec for coccidiosis prevention and control.

    Contains BioPAK® GOLD – a unique proprietary blend of essential vitamins, organic trace minerals, live yeast, prebiotic and high-dose microencapsualted probiotic to optimise calf health and performance.

    Designed to optimize frame development and suitable for rearing all dairy or beef breeds for the start of a lifetime.

    ProfeLAC GOLD is ideal for rearing dairy heifer replacements and is the milk replacer of choice for automatic feeding machines.

    Easy-mix technology and milk-soluble innovation ensures consistent premium quality and value for money.

    Do not feed to dogs or equine.