MITAVITE Vitamite Super Amino 66 - various sizes

MITAVITE Vitamite Super Amino 66 - various sizes

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Mitavite Vitamite Super Amino 66

Suitable for: race and performance horses, other horses needing to build or repair muscle

Mitavite Vitamite Super Amino 66 is a quality protein, amino acid, vitamin and mineral supplement that helps to support muscle and bone growth and remodelling. Super Amino 66 may be used to improve performance in horses acress all disciplines, and can also help to build lean muscle mass and improve topline, support recovery in convalescing horses and maintain condition in older horses. Super Amino 66 also contains antioxidants to help support recovery from strenuous activity and is fortified with Bonafide to promote optimal bone density and Anazolic, a proven appetite stimulant for horses.


  • Protein and amino acid supplement for horses
  • Rich in quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that target muscle and bone growth and remodelling
  • Added antioxidants to aid recovery after strenuous work
  • Helps accelerate and improve performance in all disciplines
  • Aids in building lean muscle mass and improving topline
  • Supports recovery in convalescing horses and maintenance of condition in older horses
  • Fortified with bonafide to support optimal bone density
  • Contains anazolic to stimulate appetite
  • Mixes easily into feed


Directions: Super Amino 66 may be mixed into feed daily, given as a 14 to 28 day course or used strategically in the 2 days prior to, the day of and the day after an event or competition.

  • For thoroughbred and standardbred horses in work give 0.5g per kg bodyweight daily (e.g. 200g for a 400kg horse)
  • For poorly conditioned horses and poor milking broodmares give 1g per kg bodyweight daily (e.g. 400g for a 400kg horse)
  • For convalescing or injured horses - give 1.5g to 2 g per kg bodyweight daily (e.g.600g to 800g for a 400kg horse)


Mitavite began in 1987 with the goal of taking the guess work out of equine nutrition by providing everything a horse needed in one bag. More than 30 years on, Mitavite horse feeds are manufactured in a state of the art computerised feed mill on the New South Wales central coast using an advanced steam extrusion process that enhances the digestibility of grain starches. With so many horse feeds available on the market, Mitavite feeds stand apart with their superior amino acid profiles and the effect that this can have on the growth, development and quality of life of horses across all age groups and disciplines.