Lucerne & Teff Cubes

Lucerne & Teff Cubes

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The Teff and Lucerne combination is not only palatable to all hay consumers, but is especially attractive for animals that are prone to laminitis, foundering or just getting ‘too fat’.

Our Teff & Lucerne Cubes like all our cubes are great as they are:

  • Nutritionally consistent,
  • Has sufficient fibre length for equine digestion,
  • Guaranteed quality with feed tests
  • Eliminates selective foraging, reducing waste
  • Has a reduced amount of dust
  • & Won’t blow away in the wind!


  • Avg. Crude Protein 10%
  • Avg. Digestibility 57% of DM
  • Avg. Metabolisable Energy 8.2 MJ/kg DM
  • Avg. Digestible Energy 9.4 MJ/kg DM
  • Avg. Dry Matter 92%
  • Avg. Water Soluble Carbohydrate 8.3%