Livamol - Various Sizes

Livamol - Various Sizes

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The nutritionists at International Animal Health Products set themselves the task of combining high available energy with quality protein, in one product. The result is LIVAMOL®. Using a unique technique for transforming liquid molasses into a convenient powder form, LIVAMOL® was created by the fusion of the 'Dried Molasses' as it was called, with prime protein meals. Cod Liver Oil, Calcium and Phosphorus and essential Vitamins and Minerals. The result is a rich palatable meal which is appealing to the animal.

The ingredients in LIVAMOL® include include a range of protein meals, molasses, pollard, limestone DCP and Cod Liver Oil. To this are added the trace elements Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt, Copper and Vitamins A,D,B1,B2,B6 AND B12. The result is a concentrated and nutritious conditioning feed additive suitable for all animals and birds.

LIVAMOL® is especially appropriate for show animals, for young and convalescent individuals. The unique combination of ingredients in LIVAMOL® has a positive effect on coat condition and colour.

Feed LIVAMOL® mixed into feed or by free access in a seperate container. The rates given below are a guide - LIVAMOL® is a balanced feed, so more may safely be fed.

ADULT HORSES: 200 to 500g.
FOALS: 100g until three months old, then 100g per 100kg liveweight.
BEEF CATTLE: 500g to 1kg (or up to 15% in ration).
CALVES: 100g per 100kg liveweight.
DAIRY CATTLE: 500g to 1kg (or up to 15% in ration).
KIDS AND LAMBS: 25g until three months old, then adult rates.
POULTRY: Add into poultry feed up to 25% or provide free access, 1 to 2kg per 100 adult birds (domestic chickens)
PIGS: May be incorporated in formulated Pig Feeds at rates of between 5 and 15%, or provided at 25g per 10kg weight.