Lienerts Full Fat Soya 25kg

Lienerts Full Fat Soya 25kg

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Full Fat Soybean Meal

Produced by cooking or roasting the soybeans.

Full fat soybean contains high fat levels and is a good source
of all the essential amino acids.
The heating in the cooking is required to destroy the anti-
nutritional factor, trypsin inhibitor. If this trypsin inhibitor is
not destroyed there will be reduced digestion of protein and
growth can suffer.
Care is needed not to prolong the heat treatment or to have
the temperature too high, as this can destroy the nutrients
in the meal.


  • Full fat soybean meal can be included in the diets of pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and horses of all ages.
  • With the high fat levels full fat soybean can be used as a source of linoleic acid for layer hen feeds. The level of linoleic acid in the feed will contribute to the egg weight and the grading of the eggs.