Laucke Cool Stamina 20kg

Laucke Cool Stamina 20kg

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Cool Hi-Energy Performance & Conditioning Formula


Analysis (as fed)

Protein (min) 14%
Fat (min) 9%
Fibre (max) 10%


Energy & Coolness Rating System

The innovative "ENERGY & COOLNESS" rating system is designed to make it easier to understand the differences in the energy and coolness of the various foods in the Equus Range. Energy and coolness are both rated on a scale of one to six. A rating of six for energy indicates the energy level of that food is very high and a rating of six for coolness indicates that particular food is very cool.

Amylase Leading the Way – Naturally, Effectively & Safely!

Cool Stamina contains added Amylase to aid starch digestion in the small intestine naturally, effectively and safely without the need for expensive heat processing.
The addition of Amylase to Cool Stamina is one of the most advanced improvements in performance horse nutrition to occur in many years.
Amylase is a natural protein enzyme that is responsible for efficient starch digestion in the small intestine.
Horses do not produce adequate Amylase necessary for the digestion of large amounts of starch, this is why they have more problems digesting starch compared to other grain eating animals.
Lack of Amylase can result in incomplete starch digestion in the small intestine resulting in excessive undigested starch reaching the large intestine where it is fermented producing lactic acid. Excessive lactic acid can cause serious problems such as caecal acidosis which can lead to colic, laminitis, diarrhoea and poor fibre digestion.

Less feed required!

The high digestibility of Cool Stamina gives you the added benefit of less feed being required to achieve optimum performance.

Improve Your Own Grain

Apart from being a very nutritious diet in its own right, Cool Stamina has the ability to enhance the nutritional digestibility of other grains that you may wish to feed.
If Cool Stamina is fed at a rate of 3kg per day along with your own grain, enough Amylase will be consumed to have a beneficial effect on the digestion of starch in the extra grain.This is a substantial benefit that no other horse food offers and can lead to considerable cost savings.

Palatibility – Natural flavours!

Cool Stamina has been specifically formulated to ensure that the natural flavours entrapped in the ingredients are released for the full benefit of taste and palatability to tempt the most finicky eaters. Because of the excellent palatability and high nutritional value of Cool Stamina it is the ideal food to put condition on "poor doers", horses that require "building up" and horses that are "off their feed".

Enhance your own grains!

Cool Stamina is a low starch diet that is not based on whole grains, but if whole grains are fed along with Cool Stamina those grains will benefit from the Amylase in Cool Stamina.

Aged Horses – Caring for old friends!

Cool Stamina is the ideal food for aged horses and those horses that have difficulty in adequately chewing their feed. The ingredients in Cool Stamina have been specially processed to ensure that they do not require chewing for the horse to receive its full nutritional benefit. To further enhance nutrition intake particular attention has been made to ensure that Cool Stamina is very palatable.

Organic Chromium – Enhanced performance!

Research has shown beneficial responses to supplementing diets with organic chromium where high stress, strenuous activity is performed.
Organic chromium has been added to Cool Stamina to help maintain chromium levels during strenuous activity, this improves the bodies sensitivity to insulin, which in turn improves glucose utilisation and therefore the horses performance.

Natural Oils – Highly digestible!

Cool Stamina contains premium quality vegetable oils which are an excellent source of readily available energy. Vegetable Oils provide cool, safe and manageable energy and is a more efficient source of energy than carbohydrates. Oil has the advantage of sparing glycogen in the muscle and liver of horses thus increasing the time taken for the muscle to become fatigued.
Oil contains approximately two and a quarter times more energy than carbohydrates and has an excellent balance of essential omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids impart an attractive sheen to a horses coat, are important for maintaining healthy skin and are necessary for many biological functions.They also aid in the absorption and storage of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K.

Hi-Lysine – For strong muscle growth and recovery!

Protein is made up of components called amino acids, of which some must be provided via the diet and others synthesised by the animal. Amino acids needed to be supplied via the diet are called essential amino acids, of these lysine is normally the one most likely to be in short supply.
Cool Stamina is balanced for essential amino acids, particularly Lysine, and as can be seen in the "Lysine" chart (below) contains a substantially higher level of lysine than typical horse feeds. The high lysine and balanced protein of Cool Stamina ensures efficient protein utilisation, improved lactation in mares, strong growth in young horses, enhanced muscle tone and aids in muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.

Extrusion – The facts!

Extrusion and micronising are expensive and unnecessary processes that are generally not required where diets are well balanced and specifically formulated for high starch digestibility in the small intestine. Excessive heat processing of horse foods is only necessary to cover inadequacies in diets not safe in their natural state.
Contrary to claims made by some horse food manufacturers extrusion is not new age technology. Extrusion has been used to process animal feeds in Australia for over 40 years.

Tying Up – Reducing the chance!

Tying up is a debilitating condition that afflicts many horses. While diet alone cannot eliminate tying up it can have a significant effect on its incidence and severity. Cool Stamina has been formulated to reduce the chance of "tying up". This is achieved by taking particular care in a number of areas.

• Oats Free
Cool Stamina does not contain oats which is known to aggravate the condition.

• High Oil Low Starch Diet
Cool Stamina is high in oil and low in starch which provides energy in a safer form resulting in less lactic acid build up.

• Balanced Electrolytes
Cool Stamina contains essential electrolytes to aid in the prevention of deficiencies, particularly potassium, which can cause decreased blood flow in the muscle leading to lactic acid accumulation.

• Vitamin E and Selenium
Added Vitamin E and Selenium aids in the prevention of "tying up" by stabilising muscle cell walls.

• Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Added Vitamin B1 aids lactic acid clearance from the muscles.

• Chromium
Added organic chromium helps reduce lactic acid accumulation.