Kool Glow

Kool Glow

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Kool Glow – Is a premium intestinal metabolic supplement containing pre and probiotics, plus balanced bioavailable vitamins and minerals to ensure your horse has optimal hind gut health, strong healthy hooves, and a mirror like shiny coat.

Kool Glow Products

Kool Glow is the next generation coat and hoof conditioner formulated by a team of leading scientific equine nutritionists to provide the right balance of vitamins and minerals in your horse's diet for hair follicle development, coat condition and general wellbeing. It also contains biotin and zinc which are known to support strong, healthy hooves. Importantly Kool Glow provides cool energy source, is fully utilized by the horse and is safe for continuous feeding.

Kool Glow is different; by applying an interactional approach it allows us to deliver nutrients in combinations that are unique to Kool Glow. Kool Glow delivers these essential ingredients in highly available forms, this allows for maximum cellular impact without compromising other functions due to oversupply.