KER Gold Pellet - 3.6kg

KER Gold Pellet - 3.6kg

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KERx Gold Pellet
is a high quality vitamin trace mineral and amino acid supplements with added yeast culture in a convenient low-calorie pellet.

Gold Pellet has been scientifically formulated to provide your horse with essential nutrients without the concern of adding calories to the diet. Gold Pellet contains optimum nutrient levels to meet horses' requirements for work or growth, and is designed to complement a traditional diet of grains and forage. High levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids supply all of the horse's daily nutrient requirements for optimal health and vitality.

Suitable for all classes of horse, Gold Pellet is an ideal supplement for all feed rooms. For ensuring overweight horses are receiving their vital nutrients, to topping up diets of performance horses, a small daily intake of Gold Pellet will give you the confidence that their needs are being met.


* To balance vitamins, minerals and amino acids for horses on grain or forage-only diets

* To top up vitamins, minerals and amino acids when premixed feeds are fed below recommended levels

* Use as a sole source of essential nutrients to provide optimal nutrition to overweight horses who don't need extra calories

* Suitable for all types of horse or pony including those with laminitis, Insulin Resistance, EMS and those suffering from tying up


Feed 150g (1 cup) daily for growing horses, pregnant mares, lactating mares and hard-working performance horses.

Give 100g daily to spelling horses and ponies.

If higher intakes of protein, calcium and phosphorus are needed try the ALL PHASE pellet.

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