KER Equishure - various sizes

KER Equishure - various sizes

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Ker Equishure

Suitable for: Horses on high grain diets or grazing lush pasture, horses prone to recurrent mild colic or laminitis, horses with digestive upsets and loose manure, and sport horses under the stress of training.

Ker Equishure is an oral supplement formulated to promote normal digestive function in horses.

Changes in the normal hindgut environment may occur due to over-consumption of high-starch concentrates or pastures rich in sugars (fructans) leading to a condition called acidosis, changes in the bacterial population and reduced digestive efficiency. Ker Equishure works by neutralising the acid and maintaining a stable hindgut environment.

  • Digestive balancer for horses
  • Time released in the hindgut due to unique encapsulation technology
  • Neutralises acid and promotes stable hindgut environment
  • Daily supplement, top-dress on daily grain ration

Feeding Guide: Follow all instructions provided on the packaging. For best results, divide the recommended daily amount equally among grain meals. 1 scoop = 30g.

Kentucky Equine Research, KER, is a consulting company with its primary focus in equine nutrition and research. Founded in 1988, KER strives to advance the industrys knowledge of equine nutrition and support the nutritional needs of all horses throughout their life.