Ker All Phase Pellets 20kg

Ker All Phase Pellets 20kg

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ALL-PHASE® is a highly digestible source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. This ration balancer pellet is formulated to provide required levels of micronutrients at a low intake. ALL-PHASE is fortified with KER micronutrients to include natural-source vitamin E, chelated trace minerals, B vitamins, biotin, yeast culture, and organic selenium.

The true advantage of using a balancer pellet such as ALL-PHASE is that the horse owner can meet the horse’s requirement for protein, vitamins, and minerals and control the amount of energy supplied to the horse without having to worry if the horse is getting too much.

A balancer pellet can be used three ways: (1) alone as a low-calorie source of protein, vitamins, and minerals; (2) combined with straight grains for a no-molasses feed; or (3) as a top-dress for a concentrate fed at less than the recommended feeding rate.

If fed properly, a balancer pellet such as ALL-PHASE can give peace of mind that all of the horses on a farm receive the nutrients needed to grow, perform, or reproduce.

ALL-PHASE provides flexibility in customizing the nutritional management of individual horses.

A unique scientifically formulated All Phase is a combination of essential amino acids, vitamins, organic Zinpro Performance Minerals®, anxtioxidants including natural vitamin E, protein, and yeast culture in a convenient low-intake, low-calorie pellet.

Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown by research to increase bone mineralisation, immune responses, coat quality, and hoof health. Research into the use of Zinpro Performance Minerals in horses with gastric ulcers has suggested they may be beneficial in preventing gastric ulcers after ulcer treatment, especially in hot and humid conditions when horses are fed intermittently.

Designed as a potent source of essential nutrients, All Phase can be used to balance diets of roughage, pasture, grain or those on restricted-calorie diets. All Phase provides essential nutrition to assist in optimal growth, performance, general health and well-being.

Designed as an everyday fully fortified balancer for performance, breeding, growing and spelling horses to provide a source of essential nutrients to balance the diet