KELATO Cooling Gel

KELATO Cooling Gel

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Kelato Cooling Gel

Suitable for: horses who suffer from tired or swollen muscles after exercise

Kelato Cooling Gel is ideal for helping relieve and refresh tired and swollen muscles or legs after exercise. The formula comes in a convenient hanging bottle and is ready to use, it cools by evaporation so no refrigeration is required.


  • Cooling gel for relieving swollen muscles and legs after exercise
  • Ready to use, no refrigeration required
  • Cools by evaporation
  • Convenient hanging bottle


Please note: Kelato Cooling Gel contains substances that may be prohibited in equine racing or competition. If you are competing or racing, consult your veterinarian or regulatory officer before using this product.

Established in Melbourne in 1988 as Chelated Laboratories Pty Ltd, Kelato Animal Health operate on the premise that horses who feel well perform well. The team at Kelato Animal Health are dedicated to using scientific knowledge teamed with good manufacturing practices to produce health and nutrition products designed to keep your horses looking, feeling and performing their best.