Hi Form TopLine 1kg

Hi Form TopLine 1kg

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A natural way to achieve top line is just six weeks, gaining that performance advantage you need to win.

Contains amino acids including L-Arginine. Excellent for horses with a poor appetite or in a run down condition. TopLine DOES NOT contain whey powder, which is used in almost all muscle building products for humans and horses. Whey protein is the protein that is derived from whey, which is a by-product of the cheese made from cow's milk!

Horses are herbivores, whey may acceptable for humans, but I do not feel comfortable feeding it to horses. Human studies published in Nov 2011 stated ‘whey protein may affect glucose metabolism and muscle protein synthesis. However, the evidence for a clinical efficacy is not strong enough to make final recommendations with respect to a specific dose and the duration of supplementation’. Other supporting amino acids, herbs, specific B-Group vitamins and trace elements work extremely powerfully in a synergistic way.

TopLine does NOT contain FISH products or other by-products which are totally unsuitable for herbivores!

1kg provides a minimum 50 days supply.

Available in 1kg size.

Please note that the dose rates on the first batch of TopLine with the new-look label is incorrect.

The recommended dose is give ONCE daily and not twice daily as the label suggests.

For more detailed Scientific Data please email enq@hiform.com.au Subject Line 'TopLine SC'