Hi Form ProflamAid Plus - Various Sizes

Hi Form ProflamAid Plus - Various Sizes

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Australia's leading Joint formula with over 25 Years of outstanding success, highly effective safe and 100% natural A sound investment.

Worldwide Patent Numbers: 671681 & 5616324 ProflamAid and ProflamAid

Plus assist in maintaining healthy cartilage, muscles, tendons and bone. Contain vitamins and minerals that have a role in wound healing and the maintenance of normal healthy joints. The nutrients contained in these formulas have a role in general metabolism.

ProflamAid Plus is 40% stronger than the ProflamAid and if you are unsure of which product to use please phone the office to ask advice or email us the free advice form.

1kg size lasts a minimum of 20 days at the maximum dose.

Available in 1, & 2 kg sizes.

For more detailed Scientific Data please email enq@hiform.com.au Subject Line 'PP+ SC'