Fancy Feast Savoury Salmon

Fancy Feast Savoury Salmon

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Fancy Feast Gourmet Savoury Salmon

Fancy Feast Gourmet Savoury Salmon is a highly palatable wet cat food made for adult cats. This particular flavour delivers a unique Fancy Feast taste experience of quality salmon, blended to create a delicious meal. It is part of the Fancy Feast Classic Recipes Range, which consists of an extensive array of delicious, mouth-watering flavours. With so many gourmet flavours and textures, even the most fussy eaters will find satisfaction. Gourmet Savoury Salmon comes in an easy-open, dainty, gold can with a salmon pink label.

This highly palatable wet food is made from a salmon pate that your cat will devour. It is specially formulated by nutritionists to provide a complete and balanced diet for adult cats.

  • Gourmet salmon blended to make delicious seafood pate
  • Rich seafood flavour
  • Highly palatable
  • Can be used to tempt cats with poor appetite
  • Affordable option for a complete balanced diet for adult cats
  • Available in an array of other delicious flavours for all fussy eaters

Feeding guide recommends feeding 1 can per 1.1kg of body weight per day