Fancy Feast Insperations Chicken, Corguette & Tomato 70g x 12

Fancy Feast Insperations Chicken, Corguette & Tomato 70g x 12

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Fancy Feast Inspirations – Chicken, Courgette & Tomato – 70g x 12

It's a special meal for the one thats meows, purrs and inspires your happiness. Fancy Feast's Inspirations combines gourmet flavour with delicious ingredients to provide an all-inclusive feast rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Simply give the contents of the pouch a good stir to mix the ingredients together and pour it in a bowl for your cat to become all smiles! Take that inspiration up a notch by adding a 1 or 2 blades of cat grass to give it an even fancier look. 

Feeding guide^: 1.5 pouches per day per kg of body weight. FOR KITTENS feed twice this amount. FOR PREGNANT AND NURSING CATS, provide 2-4 times their usual daily intake. 

Available in a variety of flavours including:
  • Tuna, Courgette & Whole Grain Rice
  • Beef, Courgette & Tomato
  • Chicken, Courgette & Tomato
  • Chicken, Pasta Pearls & Spinach
  • Salmon, Spinach, Courgette & Green Beans
  • Turkey, Green Peas & Carrots

Ingredients*: Meat & Meat Derivatives (Poultry, Beef and/or Lamb), Cereal(s), Vegetable(s), Fish, Vitamins & Minerals, Flavour, Thickeners, Colour, Sugar