Daken MT15 - Mains Electric Fence Energiser

Daken MT15 - Mains Electric Fence Energiser

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Daken mains powered energisers are the preferred option for permanent fencing applications. Their low power consumption means they are cost effective to run. These energisers should be installed inside and out of the weather to ensure safety.


The Daken MT15 electric fence energiser is suitable for smaller permanent fencing applications up to 15km's of fence.

The full size MT15 is another short-range energiser that suits small jobs around your property but with a bit extra power to overcome some fence leakage. It also has the self-diagnostic ability to tell you that its function is OK or you have a short on your fence. Another practical and easy to use energiser.

Quick specs

Mains Powered

Range up to 15km's multi wire fence

Power 1.7 Stored Joules

Peak Output Voltage 8.9KV

Diagnostic Centre with, energiser OK and Overload.

3 Year Factory Warranty

Designed, Assembled, Tested and Serviced in Australia