Bio Bloom HF - various sizes

Bio Bloom HF - various sizes

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Please note - Bio Bloom 9kg - is special order only

Bio Bloom made by Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients to improve skin and coat conditions and promote healthy hoof growth.

New Pellet formulation

Increased Hoof Formulation with Increased Biotin

Horses fed Biobloom will also grow their manes and tails faster. 

BIO-BLOOM is a dual action supplement designed to improve good skin and coat condition, and promote healthy hoof growth from the inside out. It is the ideal hoof and coat conditioner for all types of horses, particularly those that need to be presented at their best for show, sale or parade.

BIO-BLOOM contains a synergistic blend of biotin, zinc, lysine, methionine, iodine, lecithin, and soybean meal to supplement diets of horses where levels may be low. Biotin and organic zinc play a role in maintaining the integrity of hooves, skin and coat.

BIO-BLOOM contains Zinpro Performance Minerals organic zinc which has been shown to enhance hoof growth. Methionine is an organic source of sulphur, which is also involved in maintenance of hair, skin and hooves.

Lecithin and full fat soybean meal are sources of essential fatty acids that promote a shiny coat.