Barastoc Calf Meal

Barastoc Calf Meal

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A palatable and nutritionally balanced steam flaked meal, formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of calves up to 12 weeks of age.

What will it provide my calves?

  • High quality protein sources for optimal calf growth (urea excluded).
  • Balanced mineral and trace elements with added vitamins A, B (1, 2, 6 and 12), D3, E and K3 to help maintain calf health and performance.
  • Contains 50 mg/kg Monensin (as Rumensin®) for improved feed conversion efficiency and as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Typical Analysis as fed per kg

Min Crude Protein 18.7% 21.0%
Max Equivalent Crude Protein 0% 0%
Max Urea NIL NIL
Max Crude Fibre 9.8% 11.0%
Min Crude Fat 3.5% 4.0%
Min Calcium 0.9% 1.0%
Min Phosphorus 0.49% 0.55%
Min Magnesium 0.25% 0.28%
Max added Salt 0.62% 0.70%
Added Copper 31mg 35mg
Added Zinc 100mg 112mg
Added Selenium 0.53mg 0.60mg
Added Manganese 35mg 39mg
Added Cobalt 0.50mg 0.56mg
Added Iodine 0.50mg 0.56mg
Added Iron 60mg 67mg
Added Vitamin A 5,000iu 5,610iu
Added Vitamin D3 100iu 112iu
Added Vitamin E 25mg 28mg
Added Vitamin K3 0.25mg 0.28mg
Added Vitamin B1 6.0mg 6.7mg
Added Vitamin B2 5.0mg 5.6mg
Added Vitamin B6 2.5mg 2.8mg
Added Vitamin B12 0.020mg 0.022mg
Added Niacin 15mg 16mg
Added Pantothenic acid 4.5mg 5.0mg
Added Biotin 0.10mg 0.11mg
Added Folic acid 1.0mg 1.1mg
Monensin as Rumensin® 50mg 56mg

What’s in it?

INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM THE FOLLOWING: Cereal Grains and their By-Products, Legumes and their By-Products, Vegetable Protein Meals, Lucerne Chaff, Sunflowers, Molasses, Fats and Oils, Minerals, Trace Elements and Vitamins.

Feeding Guide

  • Feed to appetite to growing calves up to 12 weeks of age.
  • When fed prior to weaning, feed in combination with whole milk or milk replacer.
  • Provide straw or hay as a roughage source to stimulate rumen development.
  • Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available.
  • Follow on by phasing in Barastoc Heifer Developer Pellets, over a 3-day period, from 11 to 12 weeks of age.