Barastoc Race N Win

Barastoc Race N Win

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Barastoc Race N Win is a concentrated mix for high performance equine athletes, specifically formulated to be fed alone or for blending with grains prior to feeding.

What will it do for my horse?

  • Formulated with Selenium and natural Vitamin E for enhanced antioxidant support, and organic Chromium for improved muscle recovery.

  • High in oil and digestible fibre, with yeast culture to promote gut health. Increased levels of key nutrients to offset the mineral deficiencies and imbalances found in traditional straight grain diets.

  • Contains selenium and natural source of vitamin E for enhanced antioxidant support, organic chromium for improved recovery and yeast culture for increased fibre digestion.

  • Fully complements a ration with a high inclusion of oats or other cereal grains, and is especially designed to make use of carbohydrate, fat and digestible fibre energy sources