Barastoc Poultry Finisher

Barastoc Poultry Finisher

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Poultry Finisher is a nutritious, complete and balanced pellet feed, formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of meat chickens from 4 weeks to maturity, and turkeys from 12 weeks to maturity. Suited to a wide range of turkey and meat chicken breeds.

What will it provide my birds?

We understand that for a meat chicken or turkey to reach its full potential during its short 10 week growth phase, it needs the right nutrition for each stage of development.

  • Balanced protein to promote the deposition of lean muscle.
  • Finely milled ingredients are pressed into a pellet for ease of feeding and to decrease wastage caused by selective feeding.

What’s in it?

INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM THE FOLLOWING: Cereal Grains and Cereal By-Products, Legumes and Legume By-Products, Protein Meals (Fish, Animal and Vegetable), Fats and Oils (Animal and Vegetable), Minerals and Vitamins.