Barastoc Goat Mix

Barastoc Goat Mix

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Goat Mix is a palatable, nutritious and balanced muesli-style ration made from cereal grains that is suitable for supplementary feeding of all goats and particularly during growth, breeding and lactating when nutrient needs are higher. Suitable for a wide range of goat breeds.

What will it provide my animals?

  • Lower energy, higher fibre formulation makes it ideal for fibre-producing goats.
  • Provides all the minerals and vitamins they need, in the right form and the right balance.
  • Contains ammonium chloride or ammonium sulphate for urinary track health.
  • Includes steam flaked cereal grains for better digestibility.

What’s in it?

INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM THE FOLLOWING: Cereal Grains, Cereal Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Vegetable Protein Meals, Vegetable Fats & Oils, Molasses, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Ammonium Sulphate. Ammonium Chloride.

Min Crude Protein 12.0%
Min Crude Fat  2.0%
Max Crude Fibre  15.0%
Max Added Salt  0.65%
Min Calcium 1.0%
Min Available Phos  0.5%
Min Added Copper 10.0mg/kg
Added Selenium 0.1mg/kg
Typical Analysis as Fed / Kg