Champion Tails Cosmetics

Stayz On is a firm matt make-up which lasts for a long time and adheres well. If a high gloss shine is required apply our Clear Gloss Highlight Make-up over the top.

Highlight make-ups give a more natural look and are not as heavy as the Stayz On make-ups. Using the Clear Gloss will waterproof and give a high gloss shine.

White Cover Creme speaks for itself, it is a wonderful product for white socks. Best to clip and apply while damp, with a soft brush. Use White Cover Colour to  make a false star and extra sock if you need to.

Jet Black Gloss is a wonderful glossy jet black, does not run, ball pill or bleed even on the hottest of days. Does not separate in the pot!!

Subtle Black Gloss is great for the horses that only need a hint of black, eg. Greys, Duns, light chestnuts or hunters. Does not run, pill, bleed or ball on hot days. Does not separate in the pot!